One computer runs all of these displays, and you can buy the computer, case and power adapter for $59, joining 10 million others who already have. Then s
ubscribe to ViewTouch multi-user, Point of Sale software and turn your restaurant and bar crew into an efficient, coordinated team. 

Use any Android tablet for ordering and for your kitchen video system !

 Everyone can easily afford a world class Point of Sale solution which is well supported without exorbitant support costs!

Avoid the two common PoS pitfalls.

1) Don't let anyone tell you that a top notch PoS system costs a lot of money.

2) Don't let anyone steal your profits by selling you a seemingly low cost PoS system which also takes control of processing of your debit and credit card transactions at inflated rates. Such PoS systems are trojan horses which tap into your revenue stream at a cost which is hidden from you and costs you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month.

I'm Gene Mosher and I've been building ViewTouch Point of Sale ( PoS ) solutions for restaurant and bar operators since 1986. My ViewTouch PoS source code is licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU public license, version 3. When I use the word 'Free', I mean Free as in 'FREEDOM '. ViewTouch PoS source code is Freely Available at GitHub.  As a world class, multi-user point of sale software solution, ViewTouch stands alone in allowing its users free access to the source code they are using and depend upon. 

 Debian GNU/Linux is the Linux distribution of choice for ViewTouch; it is supplemented by CUPS Modular Internet Printing and a FireFox browser to manage your network of shared printers. Our payment processing partner is Leap Payments but you can use any payment process you choose to.

The LibreOffice productivity suite makes ViewTouch a complete backoffice solution.  A ViewTouch Point of Sale license provides 24/7 phone support and training, software updates and data backup.  Your system is remotely monitored and supported with the utmost security of secure shell 'ssh' remote 'X' graphical forwarding.

You don't have to sign anything to use ViewTouch PoS software.  You retan the full, rightful power to choose and to enjoy source code access to the hardware and software technology you use in your business. Don't surrender your rights, your privacy and your profits to any company for 'permission' to use their proprietary software!

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