The world's most popular computer costs only $59 and you only need one of them to get Point of Sale (PoS) on multiple tablets.  When you subscribe to ViewTouch your crew is transformed into a super efficient, hospitality service team. You can easily afford a world class Point of Sale solution which has all the bells and whistles and 24/7 support!

    Avoid two common Point of Sale pitfalls. Don't let anyone tell you that a top notch, multi-user PoS system costs a lot of money. Don't let anyone steal your profits by selling you a low cost PoS system which processes your transactions at excessive swipe fees. Avoid this 'Trojan horse' which taps into your revenue stream and secretly siphons thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars from your annual sales.

    Debian GNU/Linux is the Linux distribution of choice; CUPS Modular Internet Printing and FireFox browser manage your network of shared printers. Our payment processing partner, Leap Payments, offers very low swipe fees.

    The LibreOffice productivity suite provides a back office solution.  A Point of Sale license provides 24/7 phone support and training, updates and backup.  We remotely monitor with secure shell 'ssh' remote 'X' graphical forwarding.

    You don't have to sign anything to use ViewTouch.  You keep your right to access the software code you rely on. Don't surrender your rights, privacy and profits to any company in exchange for permission to use its proprietary software!
But hey, even if you don't care about freedom, or even if, for some reason, you don't even really care that much about cost saving, if you just care about having the best features, reliability and functionality, then ViewTouch PoS is the right choice.

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I'm Gene Mosher and I've been building Point of Sale solutions for restaurants and bars since 1986.
ViewTouch code is licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU public license, version 3 and is Freely Available at GitHub.

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