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Android and Chrome devices of any size or resolution can become ViewTouch displays
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Why You Should Choose ViewTouch and Reject ANY Other POS!

  While POS credit & debit card breaches continue unabated, ViewTouch POS maintains its unblemished record !
  • ViewTouch is the world renowned, ORIGINAL Graphical Touchscreen Restaurant Point of Sale Interface, created in 1986.  Gene Mosher created ViewTouch in 1986 and demonstrated his revolutionary interface to thousands at computer and restaurant shows worldwide, launching the era of graphical touch screen interfaces and the restaurant point of sale software industry.

  • ViewTouch source code is licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU public license, version 3 and is available as a Point of Sale software service.  Free Software means 'FREEDOM '. The principles behind Free Software go back to the early days of computing, and many people have fought long and hard to protect freedom in computing. ViewTouch source code is Freely Available at GitHub.  ViewTouch users enjoy the privilege and freedom of seeing, understanding and even enhancing the software source code that they depend upon, if they so choose.  As a world class, enterprise point of sale software solution, ViewTouch stands alone in making its source code freely available.

  • ViewTouch is the world's most versatile Mobile POS solution because it is a network application written in X, the X Window System, the world's most popular remote display protocol. Our custom 'X' server transforms Android tablets into 'embedded display devices' to meet every Point of Sale requirement: as fixed POS displays, at tableside and as kitchen display terminals.  Android tablets of any size and any resolution integrate into POS systems with the ViewTouch 'X' server, freely downloadable here! ViewTouch tablets work much the way a TV works; they have only one job - to display the POS interface by following low level instructions passed across the network from a 6th generation Intel NUC iCore Skylake processor which runs the ViewTouch POS application.

  • ViewTouch software runs on Intel's state of the art hardware platforms, 64-bit, 14 nm process, quad core computers with M.2 PCIE NVMe storage, DDR4-2133 RAM, 802.11ac WiFi and BlueTooth 4.1!  Intel HD 520/540 graphics and an SDXC (UHS-1, 104 MB/s) slot and extend the versatility and the performance lead of your Intel NUC computer.  No other Point of Sale vendor uses Intel's core i5 and i7 processing power to drive both all POS displays and tablets. No other POS vendor offers tablets driven by the Intel core i5 and i7 processors, blazingly fast NVMe storage and DDR4-2133 RAM.

  • All ViewTouch touchscreens feature 'Edge to Edge Glass' and have maximum resistance to damage from spillage.

  • Debian GNU/Linux is the Linux distribution of choice for ViewTouch; it is supplemented by CUPS Modular Internet Printing, version 2.1 and the FireFox browser for management of your printing network.  Our payment processing partner is Leap PaymentsIncluded with ViewTouch at no extra charge is the LibreOffice productivity suite, applications which enhance the usefulness of your ViewTouch POS computer as a complete office solution: Writer, Calc, Presentation, Draw/Flowchart and Database front end.

  • A ViewTouch Point of Sale license entitles your organization to 24/7 phone support & training, software updates and data backup at no extra charge.  Your system is remotely monitored and supported with the utmost security of secure shell 'ssh' remote 'X' graphical forwarding.  When you need support or training you will get it straight from Gene Mosher himself, and you'll get it at no additional cost!

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