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7" Tablets in 13 colors for Tableside Ordering, only $ 99 !!
  • ViewTouch™ is the world renowned, ORIGINAL Graphical Touchscreen Restaurant Point of Sale Interface.

  • Gene Mosher created ViewTouch™ in 1986 and demonstrated his revolutionary interface to thousands at computer and restaurant shows worldwide, launching the era of graphical touch screen interfaces, touch screen software applications and the restaurant point of sale software industry.

  • ViewTouch™ is available as a very affordable Point of Sale software service.  It is licensed under the free software foundation's GNU public license, version 3, and the ViewTouch™ source code is Freely Available at GitHub.

  • ViewTouch™is the ONLY POS solution which uses a custom 'X' server to turn Android tablets into remote tableside and kitchen display terminals whose performance is boosted by the processing power of your POS host's 5th generation Intel iCore processor!

  • Add Android tablets of any size and any resolution to your POS system with the ViewTouch 'X' server, freely downloadable here!

  • State of the Art POS host hardware platform: 64-bit, dual core Intel NUC, USB 3.0, DDR3L-1600 RAM, SATA3 storage at 6 GB/s.

  • HDMI Touchscreens, wireless printers, 13.3" graphical kitchen displays. CUPS Modular Internet Printing, version 2.0 features the FireFox browser interface for management of all the printers on your network.

  • A ViewTouch Point of Sale license entitles your organization to 24/7 phone support & training, software updates and data backup at no extra charge.  Your system is remotely monitored with secure shell 'ssh' remote 'X' graphical forwarding.

  • When you choose Viewtouch you choose the Linux kernel, GNU user land, The X Window System, the Debian Linux distribution and the Xfce desktop.  You choose Free Software over proprietary software.  You choose to fully retain your rights and privacy when using computer software you depend upon.  You choose software which allows you to retain all rights and to enjoy absolute privacy.

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This 13.3" ViewTouch POS tablet is only $495.
ViewTouch™ can be displayed on Android Tablets of ANY size for Countertop, Tableside Ordering and for Line Busting.
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