Brief instructions for the Gnome Print Settings Program here.

    Below are the recommended instructions for attaching Bixolon Printers to ViewTouch using the Print Settings program.
    There is an icon on the ViewTouch Planet Earth 'Blue Marble' Desktop which launches the Print Settings program.
  • A printer must be connected to the computer's USB or Network Interface and the printer must be powered on.
  • Select Printer Settings

  • Run Print Settings; open the Print Settings Dialog: select 'Add'
  • Select Device menu: if a printer is attached to the USB interface the printer should be identified by its model name.
  • Select and highlight the printer's model name.

  • If a printer is attached to the network interface, select 'Network Printer' , then select 'AppSocket'

  • select 'Apply'
  • Choose Driver menu, select (Makes) 'Bixolon'
  • select 'Forward'
  • Choose Driver menu, select (Models) 'Bixolon', scroll down and select the model of your printer, SRP-???
  • select 'Forward'
  • Settings menu Description: REPLACE the offered Description showing the printer model with a simple name you can remember which suggests the kind of job the printer is to perform, such as receipt, kitchen, bar.
  • select 'Forward'
  • The Description and Location fields are human readable and are optional. The Description field typically shows the model of your printer and Location can identify where the printer is. Human readable fields allow you to differentiate several different printers. nformation in them is not used or needed by ViewTouch or CUPS.
  • Select 'Apply'
  • Select default Policies and Banner settings.
  • Print a Test Page. If a test page prints, Run ViewTouch and proceed to the Configuration: Displays & Printers Page.
  • If you are in the browser running the CUPS program you may see a Dialog 'Authentication Required', select 'OK'.
    User is root or viewtouch and password is vtpos.

    Printers you have added should be shown in the Print Settings Dialog Box. To perform a variety of printer operations, including deleting the printer, select the printer to highlight it.
    A highlighted printer has a blue background. If a printer does not have a simple name, highlight the printer and Rename it by backspacing to erase the name, then type a new name.

  • 'Other Network Printers' > select AppSocket then select Continue
  • 'Connection' > select 'socket'
  • You may see something like this > socket://
    If so, click on it, write the IP Address down,
  • Select 'Continue'
  • Now run ViewTouch. You must run ViewTouch and logon with the ViewTouch Editor's be a word, easy to remember, which describes the type of job the printer is to be assigned; receipt, kitchen, bar, hotline, coldline. (No Spaces)
    'Description' can be a reference to the model of the printer, Bixolon SRP 330.
    'Location' can be a reference to where the printer is located, such as Front Counter, Service Line, Hostess
  • Put a Checkmark on 'Sharing'
  • Select 'Continue'
  • 'Make': Select BIXOLON Select 'Continue'
  • 'Model': Select Bixolon SRP-330II (en)
  • Select 'Add Printer'.
  • Select 'Set Default Options'
  • Let's test now...
    Move the mouse cursor over 'Maintenance' and select
  • 'Print Test Page'
  • If the printer produces a test pattern then GREAT !
  • Select 'Printers'
  • Under Queue Names one sees a list of the printers defined for your system and the corresponding Queue Names for the types of jobs your printer(s) can do in ViewTouch.
  • Select any Queue Name
  • to see its Connection Information (USB or IP Address)
    If you have a written list of Queue Names and IP Addresses, close the Browser and run ViewTouch.
    Logon as Editor and Proceed to 'Configuration'>Add Displays & Printers.
    You must now Edit the Terminal's Configuration to enter Edit the Configuration of the Display and enter this simple name on the Configuration: Displays & Printers Page. IMPORTANT !! Also on this page you will PREFACE the queuename (the simple name you chose in the Description field), with lpd:
  • Bixolon Printer Output is Formatted as 'Epson'.
    Changes on this page require a refresh of the ViewTouch program.Edit the Terminal's Configuration to enter Edit the Configuration of the Display and enter this simple name on the

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