Attaching Bixolon Printers to ViewTouch using the CUPS Browser
Open the FireFox Browser on the ViewTouch 'Planet Earth Blue Marble Desktop'.


  • 'Administration: Installing Printers'
  • 'Add Printer'
If you see a Dialog 'Authentication Required', select 'OK'.
User is root and password is vtpos.
  • 'Other Network Printers' > select 'AppSocket' , then select 'Continue'
  • 'Connection' select 'socket'
You may see something like this > socket://
If so, click on it, write the IP Address down, then
  • 'Continue'
'Name' should be a word, easy to remember, which describes the type of job the printer is to be assigned; receipt, kitchen, bar, hotline, coldline. (No Spaces)
'Description' can be a reference to the model of the printer, Bixolon SRP 330.
'Location' can be a reference to where the printer is located, such as Front Counter, Service Line, Hostess Station One.
  • Checkmark 'Sharing', Select 'Continue'
  • 'Make': Select BIXOLON, Select 'Continue'
  • 'Model': Select Bixolon SRP-330II (en)
  • Select 'Add Printer'.
  • Select 'Set Default Options'

Let's test now...
Move the mouse cursor over 'Maintenance' and select

  • 'Print Test Page'
If the printer produces a test pattern then GREAT !
  • Select 'Printers'
Under Queue Names one sees a list of the printers defined for your system and the corresponding Queue Names for the types of jobs your printer(s) can do in ViewTouch.
  • Select any Queue Name
to see its Connection Information (USB or IP Address)
If you have a written list of Queue Names and IP Addresses, close the Browser and run ViewTouch.
Logon as Editor and Proceed to 'Configuration'>Add Displays & Printers.

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